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About us

The Piece of Love brand was born out of love and a desire to share it with the world. We sew fashionable handbags from leftover materials for everyone who appreciates original design and care for the planet. We know that every person is unique and special in his or her differences - just like our products - each model is produced in limited editions. We create, in the zero waste movement, handbags that fit all styles - from casual to sophisticated and elegant.


Limited edition handbags

Piece of Love offers fashionable women's and men's handbags for people who want to live consciously. In an era of widespread consumerism, we focus on recycling, creating unusual handbags from leftover materials. Our priority is responsibility to nature. Therefore, we minimize the need for constant replacement and purchase of new products. In this way, we reduce the creation of waste and reduce the negative impact of production on the environment. 

Handbags manufacturer

As a company, we want to make a positive impact on society and the planet. We are committed to ensuring that Piece of Love conveys goodness in today's world. Our products reflect concern for the Earth. We use durable leftovers because our bags are designed for long-term use. We are against the use of animals in an unethical way, so our products are free of animal-derived elements. As a manufacturer of women's and men's handbags, we aim to promote love and non-divisiveness as an approach to life. Our goal is to build a community aware of today's challenges. We believe that even seemingly incompatible elements can co-create a harmonious whole. By choosing our handbags, you support environmental care and cruelty-free living. As a socially responsible brand that wants to have a real impact on change, we support charitable causes and various types of local government organizations (NGOs).Torebki z upcyklingu Piece of Love

Piece of Love to więcej niż tylko torebki. To filozofia życia, w której każdy ma swoje miejsce i wartość. Nasze produkty są tak różnorodne i wyjątkowe, jak ludzie, dla których je tworzymy. Proponujemy szeroki wybór stylów – od klasycznej elegancji po oryginalne wzory, zapewniając, że każdy znajdzie coś dla siebie. Torebki z serduszkiem powstają w trosce o człowieka i naturę, zgodnie z ideą zero waste i slow fashion.

Exceptional models - just like you  

We create our products in limited series of 100-200 pieces. This makes them unique and inimitable - just like each of us. Designed for those who want to contribute to protecting the planet through conscious shopping. Piece of Love's recycled handbags are environmentally safe, yet fashionable and stylish. We follow the latest fashion trends to provide products that reflect today's latest trends.

Visit our online store to find the perfect model for you. Choose good style, buy consciously and responsibly.