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We offer unique and ecologically-produced bags. European brands such as ours focus on the highest quality of their products, which are made in the spirit of zero waste and slow fashion. They are not only elegant, but also resistant and durable. Our products are created with passion, love and, most importantly, with our customers in mind. Discover the unique handbags with a heart by Piece of Love.


Why should you choose our store?

Not all handbag manufacturers offer products of proven quality. Our production is based on models created in small batches of 100-200 pieces, so all individual pieces are refined to the smallest detail. We create original handbags from leftover materials, which makes each of them unique. Our brand was created out of love and the desire to share it with the world. We are committed to ensuring that the products we offer do not burden the environment, so we are close to trends such as slow fashion, zero waste and upcycling. 

As a handbags manufacturer, we not only care about the design of our products, but we also facilitate the purchasing process - our website is clear, and we provide convenient and secure payment options.

Handbags from Piece of Love

In our offer you will find original handbags in many interesting designs. We offer a variety of styles, colors and shapes, so you are sure to find something for yourself here. Whether you are looking for an everyday shoulder bag, an evening sachet or a practical shopper bag, you will find something for you here. What sets us apart, however, is not only the variety - we are one of the few stores that offer recycled bags - we mean goods made from materials - leftovers left over from the production process of other items. In this way, we promote sustainable fashion, giving a second life to materials that might otherwise go to waste.

Piece of Love handbag store - high quality and style

When you choose European handbag brands like Piece of Love you are betting on quality, sustainability and supporting domestic production. Join the ranks of people who have chosen the beauty, comfort and uniqueness of our handbags. Our products are designed for people who want to care for the welfare and future of our planet through conscious shopping. With a large selection of designs and models, you are sure to find the perfect handbag for you here.

Best European handbags brands - Piece of Love

Take a look at our offer and discover the best European brand of handbags Piece of Love. You will find models that are free of animal elements - we strongly oppose their use in unethical ways. When you choose our handbags, you can be sure that you are purchasing products that are sturdy, durable and made with regard to the environment. As fashion enthusiasts, we follow the latest trends, so you can easily find handbags that fit into the latest fashion trends with us. Be responsible and buy consciously, choose Piece of Love - handbags created out of pure love and passion.